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This in an opportunity to be heard and give people who use health and social care services a powerful voice. We are independent from the servcies you use and we can influence the way they are delivered. We can also provide people with information, advice and support about services that are already out there.

If you would like more information or to speak out about your experiences then pleae contact us on:

Signposting and Information: 0808 801 0384

General Enquiries: 01325 375 960




Despite election gloom let’s celebrate as we enter this fabulous summer of women’s sport with four, yes FOUR, world class events running in the U.K. (Cricket, Rugby, Lacrosse & Badminton – details and links below). This year the focus for WSW2017 is increasingly on getting More women, more ACTIVE – and it all kicks off next week Week (19-25th June).

More women, more ACTIVE!
In addition to more coverage for women’s sports events, NGBs, Sports Federations and commercial fitness brands are pushing out the message to get the numbers of women playing their sport or fitness programmes UP!

World-class Cricket – at the grass roots!
‘It’s particularly important’ says Seb Paynter from The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB). ‘When you’re running a world class event you need to think about traction at the grass roots. How can we get more women to attend the matches but also maximise the opportunity to get women and girls playing cricket as a result?  At the ECB we have set up a nationwide network of ‘Soft Ball Cricket’ festivals – 180 in total – designed as TRYDays at local clubs keen to attract female members during the World Cup (details below). The challenge comes in how to reach out to an often ‘new’ cricket audience. That’s when we discovered HerMoJo – a recently-launched, FREE service that promotes ‘Female Friendly’ clubs, classes and activities in the local community all year round – but particularly in the lead up to Women’s Sports Week’.

NGBs are getting in on the act!
All NGBs are keen to engage with more women and girls so the DCMS Women’s Sports Week initiative offers a great opportunity for them to promote TRY Days and other ‘nudge’ programmes to get women to ‘bring a friend’ along. National Governing Bodies ranging from Triathlon to Hockey and Ice Skating to Croquet have taken up the baton and are using services such as HerMoJo to reach out to women and girls new to their sport.

Helen Barklam from British Triathlon said ‘We came across HerMoJo as we were looking for ways to promote our ‘Coaching Female Athletes’ workshops – all part of British Triathlon’s on-going activities supporting Women’s Sports Week. Now we’re encouraging all of our clubs to use this free service to attract more women and girls into our sport.

It’s important for women to know WHERE, WHEN and WHAT to expect when they join a new sport/fitness activity – so HerMoJo really helps.

And it’s just not NGBs – commercial providers such as Clubbercise – who now have over 3,000 fitness classes across the UK – are getting in on the act. Clubbercise Founder Claire Burlison Green says ‘We only came across HerMoJo in the build-up to Women’s Sports Week, it’s a great way to get more women along to classes and to inspire more women to set up classes.’

‘Winter sport’ in June?
‘Promoting TRY Days around Women’s Sports Week for what’s seen as a ‘winter sport’ can be a real challenge’ says Beth Bishop, Marketing  & PR Officer at The National Ice Skating Association. ‘Reaching out to a wider audience is difficult for any NGB but understanding what many women want from an activity – often a bit of coaxing not rigorous coaching, no judgement of mistakes and perhaps a coffee with the others at the end of a session – all makes for an easier ‘sell’. Sport means different things to different people and HerMoJo delivers for us in context, and just in time for Women’s Sports Week.’

Women’s Sports Week 19-25 June 2017 – let’s go!
Women’s Sports Week is a huge opportunity to get ‘More women, more ACTIVE’ -  all over the UK. We are told that 11m women across the U.K. want to ‘get going’ and often all they need is a ‘nudge’ to get round those excuses (not enough time, can’t afford it, don’t like Lycra or don’t know WHERE, WHEN or WHAT I can do)  – there’s more info on Women’s Sports Week  on The Women’s Sports Network website – and you can follow on Twitter – @womensportsweek – so why not ‘ nudge’ a friend to get active or go watch a match – whatever your sport or level of fitness – find out WHERE WHEN and WHAT, or register your Women’s Sports Week activity, club or class on HerMoJo
World events being held in the UK this summer –

•            Women’s World Cup Cricket – England – 26 June – 23 July  -

•            World Lacrosse Champs – England (Surrey Sports Park) – 12-22 July -

•            Women’s Rugby World Cup – Ireland -  9 – 26th August –

•            World Badminton Championships – 21-27th August -

British Triathlon are running a series of events across the UK during Women’s Spots Week

ECB Soft Ball Cricket Festivals – more info here:


The culmination of WSNet’s ACTIV8aFriend campaign – Let’s do this in WomenSportsWeek!


ACTIVE8afriend . . . creating a worldwide legacy for @WomenSportsWeek – an ‘Open to All’, monthly ‘nudge’ to get women/girls more active –


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Community and Voluntary Sector  Case Studies

This document was developed to show how many health related projects are taking place within the Chester-le-Street & District area.  These projects are providing invaluable services across the area for residents:

Healthier Communities VCS case studies North Durham PDF


North Durham Community Engagement Project

This project is a joint venture between Durham Community Action and North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). It aims to complement existing networks and groups across North Durham, including Healthwatch and Patient Reference groups.

Why Is The Project Needed?

There is a statutory duty on all NHS organisations to make arrangements to consult and involve patients and the public in:

• The planning and provision of service that the CCG commissions
• The development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way those services are provided
• Decisions made that affect the operation of those services

Clinical commissioning is about acting upon the needs of the patient, understanding individual experiences and using these to design services for the future. Clinical Commissioning Groups now buy services for their local communities; Health and Wellbeing Boards oversee the local delivery of services, and NHS England oversees the commissioning.  The new system is complex and it is envisaged that this project will help people to understand their rights and have a voice.

Free Membership Scheme

The starting point for most members of the public and voluntary organisations is to join the free Membership Scheme which has two types of membership.

1=Inform:  members receive regular information about health services, issues and decisions in their geographical area.

2= Involve:  members also have the opportunity to shape and influence what services are needed and brought into their area for the public, patients and carers by attending focus groups, meetings etc.

Durham Community Action has championed the voice of communities across County Durham for over 75 years.  This project represents a significant commitment by North Durham CCG to real community engagement and an excellent opportunity to build a productive relationship between the NHS and the Community and Voluntary Sector.

The Team

 For more information about the project, please contact:

Louise Harlanderson, Community Engagement Project Manager, (01207) 529621,
Anne-Marie Parkin, Community Engagement Administrator (01207) 529621

This project is supported by the NHS North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group.