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Plawsworth,Kimblesworth, Nettlesworth & Chester Moor

Plawsworth and Kimblesworth are small villages south-west of Chester-le-Street and in close proximity to Durham. Located at Nettlesworth is the Plawsworth & Kimblesworth Community Centre, which hosts various activities for the community.

Chester Moor is a small village separated in half by the A167.  Located in the village is Chester Moor Communal Room which is utilised by Chester Moor Community Group to provide activities for the community.

If you have any further information about groups, clubs or activities in those two villages, or if you know Plawsworth, Kimblesworth, Nettlesworth or Chester Moor well, and know about any activities, groups or clubs that are on please contact us.

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If you are a resident of Plawsworth, Kimblesworth, Nettlesworth or Chester Moor you can add to this page. We would like to include details of: other facilities in the area, any local clubs people can get involved with, history of the area (including any old pictures you may have), details of resident association groups and anything else that is relevant to the local area. Please submit all ideas via e-mail to .